Friday, October 28, 2016


Happy Friday Friends!

Don't Friday's give you the best feeling ever? The feeling of friend hangs, maybe a few cold brews, sleeping in past 5:30am. Although weekends always feel so short by the end of them, they are a great chance to unwind, even just a little bit. I like to stay busy, but I also love napping. I think this weekend will be the perfect weekend for an afternoon nap on Sunday, mostly because I know I will probably be a little hungover from Halloween festivities the night before.

So, this post is called #TeamAwesome, and you may ask, what the heck is that! Well, it is a group of dedicated runners who will be running in the 2017 Ottawa Race Weekend! We are online champions of the race weekend, helping spread the word about the weekend, encouraging others to race, and sharing our training stories! It's an absolute honor for me to be apart of this incredible group of runners. As I have mentioned before, my running story only started a year ago. Being selected to be apart of this team is so encouraging, and I will do my absolute best to help others achieve their goals as well.

I have continuously trained for running. Some weeks are a little more lax than others, but I am always in the mindset of training; even though the race is about 30 weeks away! For the next 15 weeks, I am going to try to get one short run/hill sprints in a week, and one long run. The 15 weeks leading up to the weekend I will really only be focusing on running, running and running! I need to up my distances, as I have never run a half marathon. So this should be interesting!

I currently have an injury that is not allowing me to train at my best right now. My current injury is pretty funny actually, so don't laugh; I stubbed my right baby toe last weekend so hard that I am currently limping when I walk, it hurts so bad. I am worried I may have done some serious damage to it. No shoe feels comfortable and even walking hurts. I am currently taking it slow. Doing some short runs and still going to the gym 6 days a week. I am hoping to hammer out a long run this Sunday, but will have to take it slow.

SO, what does #TeamAwesome mean for me and this blog? It means I am going to be posting a lot about my training, group run opportunities, and trying to encourage all of you to get out there and run! It is the cheapest exercise you'll ever do, and it does so much to your overall health, why not get out there!

If anyone has any questions about the Ottawa Race Weekend, training for certain distances, or just wants to go for a run with me, shoot me an email at! I want to encourage all of you to get out there and run!

This year's race is going to be EPIC, as it is Canada's 150 birthday! Can you believe it?

So, in the meantime, I am going to nurse this baby toe back to health, drink lots of water, and get ready for the best run of the year! WHO IS WITH ME!?

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