Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Set Goals, Crush Them, Repeat.

It's been quite sometime since I've written here... (as I think I start every blog post with that sentence), but I've just been so caught up in life, summer, and enjoying every moment of it, sometimes you forget to stop and reflect. When things are going positively, it's best to live in the moment, but it's when things are down in the dumps and not connecting, it seems it's the best time for us to stop and think.

Don't get me wrong, everything is going peachy for me. Life has it's usual ups and downs, but I am very happy with where I am in life.

Today's post comes from one of those sweet "Facebook Memories" that pop up for me every morning. I used to get daily notifications that I have memories, but Facebook stopped doing that. I always got so excited to go and look back and see how far I have come over the years, that now, every morning, it's one of the first things I go looking for.

This morning, one year ago, I had written this post.

It was quite the monumental post to write and publish. It took a lot of guts, balls, what-have-you, to write that post. To really reflect where I came from, my struggles with weight (and laziness, to be honest), and work my ass to get where I wanted to be.

In the post, I had written a few goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish:

  • Run the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon - Completed, May 2017
  • To be able to do pull ups without a band - Completed March-ish, 2017
  • To deadlift over 215lb (my old weight, really) - My 1RM is now 265lbs, sooo, completed!
  • I want to be able to do Spartan next summer - Not really a goal of mine anymore, would still be fun to do. 
I love that I wrote those goals. They seemed so fleeting at the time, goals that were going to be very hard to accomplish, yet I never gave up, worked my ass off, and accomplished them, and so much more, within the year. 

So, because I love being able to see progress and be able to compare to where I was before, I am going to write a few goals I have for myself in the next year. I use a program called Beyond the Whiteboard (shoutout!!) and it allows me to track all my workouts, which is a really great way to see progress as well. 
  • Be able to do a muscle up 
  • Compete more in Crossfit
  • Run another half marathon
  • Travel more
So, October 2018, I'm coming for ya!

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